Amazing Experiences

This was a trip of a lifetime for me. You and Chaille are a dynamic duo!!

Kelli Bigelow
Baltimore, MD USA

This is an absolutely wonderful way to experience Cuba! The company is great and the experiences are truly tailored to the individual. You meet some wonderful people once you are there. It is a great experience!

Scott Svadlenak
Corvallis, OR USA

It’s a solid bridge to travel through from any part of the world straight to the Cuban Culture, specially dance!

Karelia Despaigne
Havana, Cuba

Great Support

I would highly recommend Clavecuba. Chaille offers a wealth of knowledge and was great to work with! She spent time to understand my objective and helped me plan a most wonderful solo trip to Cuba. The program is highly customizable, and I felt safe and supported throughout the program.

I loved the variety of private classes, studio and social practices, and cultural activities. I got to pack a lot of action in a short amount of time. Most importantly, Clavecuba provided me direct access to the great teaching of Karelia and her dancers! The lessons I received were eye-opening and deeply connected to the roots of the culture. I felt immensely grateful for the opportunity to learn from such amazing artists and got humbled in the best way with the depth, nuance, and intricacies of Cuban salsa. If you are a seeker, definitely tap into Clavecuba to be your shepherd.

Miranda Lo
San Francisco, CA USA

Excellent Programs

Such a true community! The energy and organization of the leaders is always on 11. They do their research and create programming that makes sure there is something for everyone as much as possible, and keeping programs authentic, incorporating so many community members. It’s been wonderful working with them!

Jocelyne Ninneman
New Orleans, LA USA
It's all about community!

Connecting Communities

Clave Cuba developed from a non-profit based in New Orleans that was all about connecting communities through dance.  That emphasis on community is an important part of what we do.  Every program we design is unique, customized to your interests, connecting you with local hosts, independent businesses, and community projects in ways that allow you to become part of the communities you visit.

Life Changing

During my tour with Clave Cuba, the dance demonstration on the first day was so amazing that I jokingly told people, ‘Okay, I can go home now.’ But each day had a moment like that, when I needed to pinch myself to remind me that I was really here, really experiencing this…in a son class, or a jazz concert, or a musicality workshop…The variety of cultural events and lessons really exceeded my expectations. Thanks, Clave Cuba!

Elizabeth Root
Corvallis, OR USA

My experience was life changing! I have done very little traveling in my life, and no real vacation abroad other than a brief crossing the boarder to Tijuana. My first real experience out of the country! My favorite part will always be the people I met and spent time with. The warm welcome. The warm and sweet connections I made. You and Carlos were great! You packed so many amazing experiences into a short, rich adventure filled with chaos, excitement, music, dancing, bonding together of so many people! I will forever be grateful for the genuine, unique and wonderful experiences I had on that trip!

Pat Corrigan
Corvallis, OR USA
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You Make a Difference

Clave Cuba is a network of professionals, artists, educators, and community leaders in the US and Cuba working together to support independent entrepreneurs in the arts. Our mission is to support the development of independent, Cuban-owned, sustainable business ventures.

You make a difference! By traveling to Cuba, you support our program, provide work for independently employed Cubans, and create opportunities to form connections not only between countries but also within communities in Cuba.

Chaille Mount
Director, Clave Cuba