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Tierra Kaliente Festival Express!

Take 2 weeks to visit 3 cities, attend 8 concerts, see 12 bands, and then add 7 parties, 4 shows, and 25-30 hours workshops!  Dance your way across Cuba and support Tierra Kaliente in raising funds to develop their new school!

Start in Havana with private group instruction and a concert pass to Baile en Cuba where you’ll meet members of Tierra Kaliente again at night. Stay in a private B&B where you can roll out of bed and into the studio with dance lessons on site. Then travel by private coach to Santiago stopping in Camaguey and arriving in Santiago on the 23rd in time to step into the first round of workshops at the Salsa Festival Santiago de Cuba.

Nov 16 – 29, 2019  Festival Express | Havana & Santiago
Nov 16 – 24, 2019  Festival Express-lite  | Havana Only

Example Itinerary Highlights

Day 1
Arrive to Havana

Arrive to Havana by early afternoon on the first day of your trip. Mid-day flights have shorter waits in getting through immigration and customs and it allows you time to get checked in and explore the city before diving into the training program.



Unique Accommodations

Stay in comfortable and modernized privately owned B&B’s known as Casa Particulares in Cuba. We have several locations in Havana that are set up specifically for dancers and have everything you need to focus your time in Cuba on training and rejuvenation. Rooms include AC, and private bathrooms. Some have WiFi connections on site and a balcony or terrace for your use.


Meet your dance coordinator at a nearby ‘paladar,’ an independently owned restaurant or bar, for introductions and a brief orientation. Go over the schedule, review details, and answer any lingering questions you may have. This is also an opportunity to connect with your coordinator and learn more about what it is to be a professional dancer in Cuba. Your coordinator is the person you will call if you will be late to class, want to add lessons, change lessons, or have any dance program related questions.

Havana by Night

Join hosts, El Purito or Rosa la Peligrosa, for a concert at an internationally known venue like Casa de Musica. Soak in the sounds and rhythms of Cuba. This night is all about enjoying the music, letting loose, and dancing out loud. Take the opportunity to get to know your host and learn about the importance of music and dance as a form of self expression in Cuba. Expect informal discussions about Cuban music composition, its role in society, and the historical and present day cultural influences that have shaped Cuban music and dance.

Day 2
Music for Dancers

Is it a musicality workshop? Yes, it is the ultimate musicality workshop, an interactive experience where you will be hands on as musician and dancer to better understand both parts of the dialogue.  

Spend the day at the house of internationally-known musicians in Playa del Este, enjoy down time at the beach, listen to guest speakers, dance on the beach, and stay after dinner for a jam session with guest musicians.

Day 3

1: Isolations
2: Cuban Movement & Styling
3: Partnerwork

Reviewing and refining body movements, focusing on body isolations and then applying that to your personal self expression of dance (a.k.a. styling). Partnerwork incorporates the body work into social dancing.  3 Hours with Tierra Kaliente

Make It Your Own

Customize your trip by adding individual activities. Sign up for private lessons, social dance sessions, a bike tour of the city, a cooking class, a dance tour of Old Havana, or have us create a custom experience that caters to your interests. Once you register we’ll set you up online and you’ll have an opportunity to add to your program as much or as little as you want to match your style.

Baile en Cuba

Septeto Santiaguero & Pupy y Los Que Son Son

Day 4
Keys to Casino

1: Keys to Partnerwork
2: Applying Keys to Partnerwork
3: Casino Patterns & Partner

Practice Work with a senior instructor on keys to partner work in Casino. Then practice for the 2nd hour with the same instructor, applying the keys to moves you know and to new patterns. In the 3rd hour practice what you are learning with a senior instructor as your dance partner. 3 Hours with Tierra Kaliente

Day Dancing on the Malecon

 Join members of Tierra Kaliente and other travelers for an afternoon of ‘Day Dancing.’ It is a sunset dance party by the sea. We’ll start with sueltas to warm you up and throw in a few unexpected challenges to get you laughing. Grab a partner and dance, jump in when someone is calling a rueda or enjoy socializing with instructors and other travelers.

Baile en Cuba

Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son & Manolito Simonet y Su Trabuco

Day 5
Casino Fusion

1: Styling & Embellishments
2: Popular Cuban Dances
3: Casino Improvisations

With a senior instructor work on incorporating ‘espectacular’ movements or embellishments into social partner dancing. The 2nd hour is dedicated to exploring different popular dances and the 3rd hour is focused on to improvise and apply popular dances to Casino for social and dancing and sueltas.  3 Hours with Tierra Kaliente

Baile en Cuba

Haila & Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor

Day 6
Individual Activities

Take a day to let your mind and body rest. This is an ideal day to explore other aspects of Cuban culture or take a day to get out of the city. Find individual activities on your own, sign up for an experience we offer, or work with us to create something unique to you.

Baile en Cuba

Alain Daniel & Elito Reve y su Charangon

Day 7
Havana to Camaguey

Get an early start and be on the road by 7 AM. We will travel by private coach from Havana to Camagüey, stopping along the way in random places to stretch legs and dance. Have the remainder of the afternoon to explore Camagüey where we will stay the evening and have a night out with local dancers.

Day 8
Camaguey to Santiago

Get another early start to arrive in Santiago early afternoon to step into the first day of workshops at the Salsa Festival Santiago de Cuba.

Days 9-13

Salsa Festival Santiago de Cuba

Sabór de Calle – Terraza de la Salsa – Tierra Kaliente – Los Corales
Ballet Folklórico Cutumba – Ballet Folklórico Oriente – All Stars
For the complete festival schedule, see the Dance4Two website.

Day 14
Depart from Santiago

It’s time to say goodbye! We recommend you book your return flight from Santiago instead of returning to fly out from Havana. It is easier now than before – American Airlines offers a direct flight to Miami from where you can connect to most locations in the US.



November 16 – 29, 2019


Small Groups 4-6 Travelers


Havana, Camaguey, Santiago


Havana:  Tierra Kaliente, Julian sola Diaz,
Santiago:  Sabór de Calle, Terraza de la Salsa, Ballet Folklórico Cutumba, Ballet Folklórico Oriente, Los Corales, All Stars


Baile en Cuba:  Septeto Santiaguero, Pupy y Los Que Son Son, Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son, Manolito Simonet y Su Trabuco, Haila, Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor, Alain Daniel, Elito Reve y su Charangon

US to Cuba Travel

Clave Cuba is licensed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) under section 31 C.F.R. §515.572(a)(1) to provide travel services to individuals under US jurisdiction traveling to Cuba.  We provide you with a full schedule of activities and a certificate of legal travel to Cuba through our Humanitarian Projects licensed under 31 CFR § 515.575.


6 nights in Havana, 
1 in Camaguey
6 nights in Santiago
Double rooms in
Casa Particulares

13 Breakfasts 
3 Snacks & Water
1 Lunch
1 Dinner 

Shuttle to Concerts, Havana
Taxi to/from Playa del Este
Private Coach to Santiago

Concert Pass Baile en Cuba 
TK Dancers at the Concerts
Full Festival Pass to Salsa Festival Santiago de Cuba

Onboarding & Mobile App
Travel Arrangements
Certificate of Legal Travel
Documentation & Retention

Orientation, Havana by Night, Music for Dancers Workshop, Private Group Lessons in Havana, Day Dancing on the Malecon, All Concerts included in the Baile en Cuba Pass;  All Workshops, Parties, Concerts, Boat Trips and Shows included in the Salsa Festival Santiago Full Pass

*Note that to attend both festivals, we miss the last night of Baile en Cuba and the opening of the festival in Santiago but add a night in Camaguey.


Small Groups
You will be staying in guesthouses that are set up to cater to dancers with studio space in the house such that you can roll out of bed and right into your classes.  We will make every effort to group you based on similar levels of experience with 4-6 dancers at each location.

Not Included

Flights, associated fees and personal travel expenses are not included.

Transportation to/from the airport and within Havana and Santiago other than what is listed as included is not included.  We are happy to make arrangements for you, but did not include it to allow for more autonomy within the groups.

Lunch and dinner are on your own, giving you more flexibility.

Visa / Tourist Card
The airlines provide access to purchase your ‘visa’ online or at the gate.

The required medical insurance is covered for up to 30 days as part of your airfare.  If you would like to purchase travel insurance from a 3rd party, we recommend World Nomads

Fees & Registration

$2340 Havana to Santiago
$600 Deposit with Registration
Balance Due:  Sept 20, 2019

To sign up, use the form on this page and follow instructions to complete your registration.

Make it Your Own

We’ve included a core program of training and activities in Havana with room to add private lessons, activities and custom experiences to personalize your trip.  Once you are registered you will have the opportunity to add to your itinerary or leave it as it is.  

Additional Services

Airport Transfers, Mobile Phone Rentals, and other travel services can be added to your program by request.  Additional fees apply.

Partial Participation

If you can’t join us for the full 2 weeks or have already secured a festival pass, contact us for other options.  You may still be able to join us and support Tierra Kaliente in raising funds for their new school!