Dance in Cuba

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Subscribe to Video Libraries

Support dancers by making a contribution toward a general relief fund and in exchange you will have access to a series of educational videos that Tierra Kaliente instructors are sending to you from their homes.  

A $250+ value!  Pay what you can.  Every contribution counts.


Connect with a Trainer

Connect with a professional dancer in Cuba as your personal trainer.  Get an initial assessment and pointers for training and start building your custom video library.  Your trainer will check in with you to keep you motivated and answer questions as you practice, providing you with feedback on your progress.

Join the pilot program and connect with a trainer.  $45 per session.  Sessions are 2-4 weeks.  You set the pace.


Take Online Classes

Schedule online classes for yourself or as a group and learn Cuban dance from Cuban instructors connecting with you live from their homes.

Individual sessions at $35 for 30 minutes and $55 for 60 minutes. *Group Sessions on a limited basis by request.

Program Details

# 1Video Libraries

Video libraries created by instructors in Cuba have 8-10 videos each. Videos are compact, 2-3 minutes each, demonstrating and breaking down a suelta, fundamental move, or complicated pattern that will give you material for many hours of practice.  Work through them on your own or encourage friends to make a contribution too and set up a practice to group for connection and motivation.

We’ve estimate each video library has the equivalent of $250 or more of instructional material. Give a little and get a lot! You can make a difference.

Video Libraries:
Tierra Kaliente | Vol. 1 Intermediate/Advanced | Apr 7 – Jun 7

The first video library is from Karelia Despaigne and Tierra Kaliente. It is in the works and scheduled to be available by Tuesday, April 7th. Subscribe now and you will have access to the videos until June 7, 2020.

# 2Connecting with a Trainer

This is a pilot program we are introducing to connect participants on past and future Clave Cuba programs with instructors in Cuba to provide ongoing dancer development. As a trial run, we are opening it up to any dancer interested in training with instructors in Cuba. There are 7 slots available and the price to participate is $45.

You will have an initial skills assessment with Karelia Despaigne, giving you pointers for what to work on to further your skills and then design a 3-part training program with support and feedback from your instructor for up to a month.
The basic program includes:

Intake & Assessment
Welcome Video 
2 Training Videos
Scheduled Check-Ins
Questions & Answers
Support Materials
Practice Video Review & Feedback
Follow-up Call & Your Input

Note that due to limited access to wifi in Cuba that is made even more challenging during the current healthcare crisis, the pilot program will use recorded videos for the exchange of material in order to test the concept while keeping the cost low. You will need to download WhatsApp to participate.

NOTE: The pilot program is full! You can still pre-register to be notified when we open up the program to more participants in the next couple of weeks.

# 3Online Individual & Group Classes

Schedule time and connect with your instructor using an open-source video conferencing platform. Think of it as a virtual trip to Cuba. Sometimes crisis opens the door to opportunity and this one is giving you the opportunity to train with top Cuban instructors in person without leaving your house.

Individual sessions are $35 for a 30-minute slot and $55 for a 60-minute slot.
Group sessions are available on a limited basis by request.
All sessions are virtual. No in-person group gatherings.

Important Notes:
Pricing – We would like to offer packages and discounts, and we know some of you will ask and try to broker deals. Before you do, please note that mobile data required to host the classes is expensive. We’ve already priced the classes as low as possible to make them accessible to more people with the hope that those who can, will give a little more.

Internet Connections – Using mobile data for online classes works, however there can be connection issues that interrupt your class. In the event that your class is interrupted, you will have the option to reschedule. If it is a continued issue, you will have the option to postpone the session until the crisis passes and instructors have normal access to internet connections.

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved, help spread the word to gain more support, have ideas for additional creative solutions to support the artists, or want to participate as an artist, please contact us at!

Looking for Music or Art?

New projects are in the works! Sign up to be notified when they become available.

Participating Artists

  • Karelia, Instructor


    Hola! I’m Karelia. I graduated from the professional academy as teacher and dancer. Also I’m a choreographer, and I’m the director and founder of TK. The best medicine for my soul is dance and music.

  • Geischar, Instructor


    Hello friends! I’m a professional dancer and teacher with Tierra Kaliente. My name is Geischar (Gentil) González (Gozona) Valiente (Valiente) In English gentle, fun and brave 😉

  • Daylin, Instructor


    Hello, my name is Daylin. I am a professional dancer and teacher too. Dancing is what I like to do. It has become my addiction.

  • Duniel, Instructor


    Hola amigos! I’m Duniel. Professional dancer and teacher graduated from the art school and today part of TK. In my daily life I’m very calm but when I dance I turn into a hurricane 😉

  • Daril, Instructor


    Hi! I’m Daril, a principle dancer and professional teacher. I specialize in Afrocuban dances. Afrocuban and Rumba are my passions.

  • Ania, Instructor


    Hi, I’m Ania. I’m a dancer and teacher graduated from the professional academy. I’m tiny but my heart is big because it is full of love for people and dance.

  • Enrique, Instructor


    I’m a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. I’m spontaneous, creative and like to keep Cuban cultural traditions alive.

  • Yordanis, Instructor


    I’m a professional dancer and teacher. I work with several dance companies in Havana such as Tierra Kaliente. I consider myself a versatile dancer, and as a teacher, I like my students to explore their talent from their individual characteristics.

  • Genly

    I am a professional dancer and teacher with a specialty in Afrocuban and popular Cuban dances. I’m charismatic, and I need to dance every day of my life because I love it.

  • Danay, Instructor


    My name is Danay. I am a professional dancer, teacher and model. I’m part of TK and other professional dance companies. I love sharing my passion for culture with you

  • TK Family

    María Luisa y Paola

    Hola! My name María Luisa. My daughter, Paola, and I host Tierra Kaliente’s rehearsals and some of their classes. My daughter discovered her passion for dance watching them practice. TK is family.

  • Leidis, Instructor


    Hi friends! My name is Leidis. I’m dancer and teacher with Tierra Kaliente. I’m very passionate about dance, and now that I’m expecting a baby, I hope to pass on this passion for our culture to him or her 🥰