Travel challenges and inspires us. Sometimes it relaxes and rejuvenates us. Other times it turns us inside out and upside down. Always travel transforms us. 

Chaille Mount
We stand out

Expert Designers

We think outside the box when designing programs to create spaces for people to come together, connect, and develop deeper understanding of themselves and others. Whether you are celebrating a graduation, looking for a romantic weekend for two, or striking out on your own for the first time ever, our goal is to help you turn your vacation into an unforgettable personal journey.

About Clave Cuba

We are a network of professionals, artists, educators, and community leaders in the US and Cuba working together to support independent entrepreneurs in the arts.

Our mission is to support the development of independent, Cuban-owned, sustainable business ventures. We create spaces for creative and cultural exchanges, provide educational business training, and support artists in the development of their independent projects.

You Make a Difference

By traveling to Cuba, you support our program, provide work for independently employed Cubans, and create opportunities to form connections not only between countries but also within communities in Cuba.

What We Offer

We offer opportunities for individuals and small groups to travel to Cuba, giving you access to the internationally known musicians, top dance companies, world champion trainers, and famous artists that are usually only contracted by large group tours while also giving you the flexibility to travel on your own terms.

Every program we design is unique, customized to your interests, connecting you with local hosts, independent businesses, and community projects in ways that allow you to become part of the communities you visit.

Karelia, Instructor