Havana by Night

Join hosts, Julian ‘El Purito’ Sola Diaz, Rosa la Peligrosa, and Tierra Kaliente dancers at night for concerts and  at internationally known venues like Casa de Musica and nights out dancing at the famous club, 1830. Soak in the sounds and rhythms of Cuba. Enjoy the music, let loose, and dance out loud.

Take the opportunity to get to know your host and learn about the importance of music and dance as a form of self expression in Cuba, what it means to be a professional dancer, and gain insight into the unique challenges they face as ‘cuentapropistas’ in Cuba.

As part of our project, Rumbanana Havana employs independent entrepreneurs as instructors and hosts to connect you directly with the community in Cuba and support the development of their business ventures through marketing and client referrals.

To learn more about Rumbanana Havana 2020 and how to join, visit the website.