Dance in Cuba

Learn from the Source
Customized programs connecting you to train with professional and masters level instructors in Cuba. Solo and small group programs that give you the support of a large group tour with the flexibility to travel on your own.

Unique Programs

Every program is custom tailored to meet your skills, potential and experience.

Instruction at all Levels

Instructors at all levels and prices are available to work with you and your budget.

Learn, Reflect, Apply

Programs designed to provide balance between learning, reflection and application to maximize your retention and create a complete experience.

Personal Coordinator

Your own personal coordinator keeps things running smoothly so you can travel with confidence.

Expansive Network

We work with a vast network of individual professionals opening doors for you to train across schools and companies.

Have Fun!

Outside-the-box program design that keeps things interesting and makes learning a synonym for having fun.

Unlock Your Full Potential

Individual Training

  • Professional and Masters Level Instructors
  • Selected Specifically to Meet Your Goals
  • Assessment & Training Plan
  • Designed to Fit Your Style

Unlock your full potential as a dancer with a training program designed specifically for you. Layer instruction with practice and dance related activities to create a comprehensive immersion program.  Study Cuban dance in the landscapes and culture that shapes it.

Refine Your Skills

Instructor Training

  • Advance as a Dancer
  • Refine Your Teaching Skills
  • Learn How to Help Students Past Common Hurdles
  • Learn New Methods & Tips

Refine your teaching skills, identify ways you can improve as a dancer and an instructor, and get guidance on how to help your students progress.

Inspire & Energize

Group Training

  • Teamwork
  • Sharpen Your Skills
  • Be Creative Together

Learn to work better together, develop your skills as a group, refine choreographies or work with choreographers to create new ones.

What to Expect

Each program is unique, designed specifically to your interests and goals.  A typical long weekend program includes:

  • Dance Skill Assessment
  • Customized Curriculum
  • Host Coordinator
  • Havana by Night
  • Private Lessons, 4 Hours Daily
  • Practice Time Built In
  • Comfortable Rooms (B&B)
  • Airport Transfers
  • Local Mobile Phone
  • Travel Support

For most dancers we recommend 2 hours in the studio in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon and advocate for including adequate practice time and down time so that you are able to absorb what you are learning, apply it, and take it home with you.  Lessons are typically a combination of exercises, instruction, and guided or partner practice time.

Alternate Schedules:  5 hours per day, 3 hours per day, 2 hours per day

Training is in 3 day modules with a day off in between.  In each 3 day module, you will have one afternoon or morning free.  During your free time we recommend exploring activities that give you opportunities to interact directly with Cubans so that you can build connections and have a deeper appreciation for the culture and people who live here.


Instructors for classes, activities and social dancing sessions are all professional instructors selected by our Project Director, Karelia Despaigne.  They work independently or with dance companies and schools such as Tierra Kaliente, JJ, Ban Rarra, and Conjunto Folklorico. 

Instructors are recommended for your program based on your interests and experience.  Requests to work with specific instructors can be accommodated based on availability.

Fees & Registration
Estimates Per Person

$575-$1175            5 Day Program
$975 – $1950        9 Day Program
$1350 – $2750    15 Day Program

This is an estimate for reference only.  Pricing varies depending on your interests, travel style, program content, and length of stay. 


Registration Deadlines

We recommend booking  at least 3 months in advance in order to make sure the instructors you want to work with are available and to secure the best rates.  If you are flexible about who you train with and your lodging options, then in some cases, we can accommodate bookings up to 30 days prior to arrival.



Solo Travelers

When booking for yourself, submit a request with details about what you want from the program.  You don’t have to have all the answers to start.  Tell us what you are thinking and we will help you refine your ideas and put together a program that fits your style and budget.  You will get a final quote and then you can book your program and start packing. 


You have options when booking as a group.  The most economical is to bring your own group, sign up and pay together as one booking.  When instead you are looking to recruit people to go with you or wanting to offer a trip to your community, we can set you up with a website page to share and online registration. Additional fees will apply.

To discuss the different options, fees, deposits, booking policies, and deadlines, submit a request and we will schedule a call to go over the details with you.

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